Navigating the Future with Enviromental Sustainability

Oct 25, 2023

Sustainable Queer Students

Let’s Go Green!

Hey there, future world-changers! If you think Support Queer Students is just about loud slogans and cool tees, brace yourselves. We’re about to get all Captain Planet on you. (Continue with our visually enhanced PDF version here!)

Brand Names: More than Just Tattoos for Businesses

“A trademark's not just a legal doodle"

We’ve got a trademark, and it’s not just because we want to be the Gucci of advocacy. This is how we keep out the riff-raff—those copycats who just don't get the "green" memo. A trademark's not just a legal doodle; it's our shield against Planet Earth's worst frenemies.

When Slow Fashion Becomes the New Fast Track

"Each item is birthed into existence only when you click 'order'.”

Pause for a moment, champions of change! Our carefully crafted merch might ask for a wee bit of patience on your part, but there's an incredibly conscientious reason behind it. We're passionately invested in sustainability. Each piece of apparel is tailored to life specifically when you decide it’s the one, ensuring there's not an ounce of wastage. Your chosen treasure reaches you ensconced in recycled plastic packages, mirroring the thoughtfulness of a vegan meal wrapped in upcycled newsprint.

But there's another dimension to our mission. To truly champion a sustainable future, we've adopted an 'only under circumstances' return policy This isn't about being rigid or unforgiving; it's about minimizing waste and championing a model we deeply believe in: demand-based creation. Just as 'food on demand' diminishes food wastage, 'clothing on demand' is our mantra to ensure that only what is truly desired is produced. By making intentional purchases and supporting this model, together, we step towards a brighter, greener, and more sustainable future. So, wear our brand with pride, knowing each item isn’t just a fashion statement, but a bold stance for the planet!

Second-hand Swag: Where Grandma's Sweaters Meet Social Change

“...we're planning to introduce also second-hand coolness to advocacy.”

Hold onto your skinny jeans, because we're planning to introduce also second-hand coolness to advocacy. By offering gently-loved merch at a student-friendly price, we're all in for reducing waste and ensuring more dollar bills stay in your pocket for those not-so-cheap textbooks. It's thrift store chic meets activism, and we're here for it.

Get Your Carbon Kicks by Doing... Well, Less!

“..keep CO2 emissions lower than your grandma’s Sunday driving speed.”

Hey, we get it; you're already juggling different eco-conscious habits. But guess what? We’re working to keep our CO2 emissions lower than your grandma’s Sunday driving speed. It's like making a casserole of goodness—fewer emissions, more meaningful impact.

At 'Support Queer Students' we're not just waving flags. We're planting them on new, sustainable worlds.


- Your Support Queer Students' Team -

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