Your Sustainable Shopping Experience with SQS

Are you a conscious shopper seeking sustainable products and wanting to minimize your ecological footprint? You're in the right place! Our store operates in partnership with Printful, one of the leading Print-on-Demand providers globally. Printful personalizes products to your specific desires – such as the exclusive pieces you find here at SQS. The magic lies in our approach: items in this shop are printed only after you finalize your purchase. This method, called Print-on-Demand, is celebrated for its sustainability. Here's why.

Sustainably Crafted with Print-on-Demand Unlike standard off-the-rack products, Print-on-Demand offers a touch of individuality alongside its sustainable benefits. Every item in this shop:

  • Isn't pre-made in bulk. This ensures no leftover stock requiring intensive and wasteful disposal processes.
  • Is embellished using top-tier Direct-to-Garment printers, renowned for vibrant colors, non-toxic inks, and a water-free printing process.
  • Undergoes rigorous quality checks ensuring durability. If an item doesn't ace multiple rounds of washing, drying, and ironing, it doesn't join our collection.
  • Is produced entirely paperless, saving millions of sheets annually, akin to conserving hundreds of trees.
  • Comes with precise dimensions and sizing recommendations to assure a perfect fit, minimizing returns.

Eco-Conscious Shopping: A Boon for You and Our Planet Shop and filter products based on various attributes, including organic quality or Fairtrade certifications. Such items have a markedly reduced environmental and social footprint compared to conventionally made products, actively championing ecological preservation and improved working conditions.

Our partnership with Printful has a growing emphasis on sustainable textile production. They commit to a code of conduct, and information on product certifications can be accessed on their official site.

Going Beyond Sustainability with Printful Printful continuously refines its production processes and daily operations to amplify sustainability. A significant portion of their energy needs, including at their primary hubs, is met using solar energy. They also focus on repurposing returns and contributing to community initiatives. An in-house Sustainability Council guides all decisions to ensure optimal eco-friendliness.

For a deeper dive into Printful's commitment to sustainability, please