Welcoming MAZOHA: Our First Brand Ambassador for Support Queer Students

May 19, 2024

Well, before start: Jimmy MAZOHA isn’t just a good looking artist who is making our clothes look cool; he embodies all the energy, values, and spirit that we’re all about. If there was one artist who could shake up Greek youth culture and stand for everything we believe in, it’s Jimmy. 

A few months back, after an electric live performance by MAZOHA in Thessaloniki, I had the chance to chat with Jimmy Palioudis. The energy from his show was still buzzing when I told him about Support Queer Students and our mission to raise awareness. Without missing a beat, Jimmy’s eyes lit up, and he was all in. Boom! Just like that, he was excited to join the family and become our first brand ambassador.

A Synergy of Values

Jimmy’s musical journey is nothing short of inspiring. He’s someone who’s turned personal struggles into powerful art, creating music that resonates with so many. From his early days absorbing a mix of genres to now leading solo projects that break the mold, Jimmy’s path is all about staying true to himself and his message.

At Support Queer Students, a US brand located also in Europe in Berlin, we’re all about self-expression and creating safe spaces. Jimmy’s music hits those same unique chords—addressing personal battles, societal issues, and the fight for acceptance. His raw, honest lyrics and unique alternative sound reflect the challenges and triumphs of today’s youth, making him a perfect match for our brand. Don't miss checking out his music here

Impact on the Community

But Jimmy’s impact isn’t limited to his music. He’s a strong advocate for the LGBTQAI+ community and uses his platform to talk about important issues like patriarchy and social justice. 

Switching from English to Greek lyrics, Jimmy deepened his connection with his audience, using his native language to deliver powerful messages. His music evokes emotions and fosters connections, aligning perfectly with what 'Support Queer Students' stands for.

A Shared Mission

With Jimmy is more than just a collab; it’s a united mission to promote acceptance and unity among students. By rocking our designs, Jimmy not only showcases our style but also spreads our message of inclusivity. His role as our ambassador helps us reach more young people and inspire positive change.

Discover more about his journey, his impact on the community, and how our collaboration aims to inspire positive change. You have to definatey not missing checking out his music, and to book him for an unforgettable live performance. We guarantee you a helluva night!

- Your Support Queer Students Team -

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