Support Queer Students

Empower with every wear, Everywhere

Wear to empower campuses, champion unity, and drive change with our authentic branded and trademarked apparel. We don't just sell products, we build a culture.
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Our Mission

Raise awareness, influence and inspire on and off the campuses. Support queer students with every wear in schools and universities.

The statement

Our Signature Flag

Our very first designed product and most important element—our signature flag. Every flutter sends a vibrant message. Ideal for parades, classrooms, or your wall. Let your support resonate every day. Be bold. Be SQS.


Our Vision


Our Eco-Friendly Commitment

Driven by more than just style, we're committed to conscious action for a better future. Our eco-friendly initiatives guarantee that every fashion choice you make with us is also a step toward a more sustainable world, catering to those who care deeply for the planet.

From Berlin's Beats to Global Streets

Brand Essence

Introducing Support Queer Students - a brand from contemporary artist students in Berlin for students worldwide, with a loud statement on silent mediums. Rooted in Berlin's eclectic scene, we present to you a collection that's more than just clothing—it's fashion activism.

Dive into our world where every piece tells a story; every design is a voice. Clean, minimalistic, and impactful - our designs are a reflection of a community that stands united. Welcome to Support Queer Students in schools & universities.

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SQS Blog - Campus Chronicles

Dive into our collection of articles that aim to raise awareness, influence and inspire. From fashion activism to student life we explore it all.

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